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Fast Flood Damage Restoration Services in Hicksville

5/29/2024 (Permalink)

Flooded basement in a home with standing water up to the washing machine. Don't let flood damage take over your property. Call SERVPRO of Hicksville. We'll make it “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO offers Immediate Flood Damage Remediation to Hicksville Residents

With its blend of modern suburban tranquility and urban convenience, Hicksville is popular among residents and visitors. The town's lush greenery, well-maintained parks, and vibrant community spirit add to its charm. The local galleries and shops are great for unique gifts and items. The Hicksville Gregory Museum and Cantiague Park are a testament to Hicksville's cultural heritage.

However, amidst its charm, Hicksville is not immune to the effects of adverse weather events, including storms and floods. The results of such occurrences can be frustrating. Flood and storm waters can infiltrate homes in Hicksville, damaging structures and other valuables. The effects may even worsen when you don't know where to turn for prompt help.

In the event of flood and storm damage, SERVPRO® is your reliable restoration company. Our team of experienced technicians is always on call, ready to provide prompt action to help restore your properties “Like it never even happened.”

When you call SERVPRO, our specialists thoroughly assess the damage, prioritizing safety measures to address potential hazards to ensure everyone's safety. We are Here To Help® clean and sanitize all items and surfaces to eliminate contaminants and mitigate further damage.

Reliable storm and flood damage restoration requires the use of the right equipment. At SERVPRO, we use state-of-the-art equipment to extract water and moisture from affected areas to dry and prevent mold and fungi growth. We strategically position air movers and dehumidifiers for optimal drying.

Once at the loss site, we assess, clean, and restore everything affected by flood damage. We also deodorize to leave your items fresh. Our technicians acknowledge the importance of communication and collaboration. We engage you throughout the restoration process and keep detailed documentation for accountability.

SERVPRO of Hicksville is Faster to any size disaster™. Call us today at (516) 733-1800 for reliable storm and flood damage restoration or inquiries.

Resources Hicksville Businesses Need for Water Damage Repair

3/25/2024 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technicians  unloading water extracting equipment from SERVPRO van. Our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced techniques will restore your building after you have a water damage disaster.

Safeguarding Property and Reversing the Water Damage 

Hicksville, NY, is a census-designated place with a population of 43,869. It's historically significant as a former Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) hub. Various landmarks can let you know that you are in Hicksville, including Broadway Mall, Hicksville Public Library, and Hicksville Fire Department Museum, which features antique fire apparatus and memorabilia. Local events such as the Hicksville Street Fair bring people together for fun and interaction. 

If an incident requires water damage repair at your Hicksville premises, you must be well-prepared. Otherwise, mishaps and improper tools might interfere with the process, costing you time and money. SERVPRO® prioritizes four key areas when handling incidents, ensuring the process runs smoothly. 

The Focus Areas

  • Safety
  • Moisture management
  • Material removal
  • Material disposal

Water creates several hazards, including slippery surfaces, short circuits, and unstable structural areas. Therefore, your premises might be unsafe for customers, visitors, and workers. Enhancing safety before starting repairs minimizes the chances of mishaps, so we bring accessories such as wet floor warning signs and barrier tape to isolate the affected areas. Enhancing safety is critical, especially when handling tasks such as demolition to remove carpets, insulation, and electrical and deteriorated structural materials. Our crews have different tools to cut, dislodge, and strip materials from surfaces.

Handy Tools for Safe Demolition of Wet Areas

  • Utility knife
  • Pry bars and crowbars 
  • Circular saws

Water damage repairs are not over until the intruding moisture and the waste materials accumulating within the premises are removed. Depending on how you prepare, this part of the process can be tedious. Our SERVPRO crews bring wheeled trash cans or heavy-duty plastic bags to keep the debris and soil removed. We also have water extractors, air movers, and dehumidifiers for moisture management. 

SERVPRO of Hicksville / Plainview manages water damage repair professionally. Call (516) 733-1800. Faster to any size disaster™.

SERVPRO of Hicksville/Plainview Offers Support Rebuilding a 9/11 Hero's Islip Home

2/13/2024 (Permalink)

photo of emc guys Let's all help out our heroic first responder--Bobby McMahon. SERVPRO is proud to contribute to the well-being of our neighbors.

SERVPRO® Proudly Gives a Helping Hand to a First Responder

In the face of tragedy, communities often rally together to support those who have spent their lives in service to others. The latest example of this unfolds in Islip, New York, for Bobby McMahon, a 9/11 first responder and retired Member of the Department of Correction.

The start of 2024 brought an unforeseen disaster for Bobby—a fire sparked by a faulty boiler ravaged his home, rendering it uninhabitable. This misfortune was compounded by the discovery that his homeowner's insurance had lapsed, an oversight during a particularly challenging time following the loss of his wife to ovarian cancer in 2021.

However, SERVPRO of Hicksville/Plainview offers hope amidst the ashes. Led by owner Risa Kluger, she has generously provided all necessary labor, supplies, and equipment to carry out the basement's clean-out, demolition, and debris removal—a significant stride toward recovery. The spirit of community support is further bolstered by the kindness of John Stein from Restoration Dry Cleaners and Sean Winters from Winter Brothers Carting, who have also donated their services.

Per franchise owner Risa Kluger," I am hoping he gets enough support that he can pay for additional services to get his home completely back in order. His GoFundMe is nearly $35,000. Other first responders he is close with have told him once a company like SERVPRO cleans up the mess; they will help rebuild it."

This story is a testament to communities' gratitude for their first responders. Mr. McMahon, who spent years serving and protecting others, is now receiving a community's embrace. The collaborative efforts of SERVPRO, its trade partners, and numerous individual contributors to McMahon's GoFundMe—nearing $35,000—reflect powerful solidarity.

Mr. McMahon's resilience is remarkable; despite the adversities, he remains thankful that his family, including the family pets, were unharmed in the fire. With the clean-up underway, fellow first responders have pledged to take up hammers and nails to help rebuild the McMahon home—a place of cherished memories and a sanctuary for his children and grandchild.

The GoFundMe, organized by Richard Palmer, Jr., a retired Warden with the NYC Department of Correction and fellow 9/11 Responder, is not just a fundraiser but a call for aiding a fellow brother. Bobby McMahon's story is one of sacrifice, loss, and the unwavering strength of a community that refuses to let one of its heroes stand alone in the face of hardship.

To contribute to Bobby McMahon's home restoration, visit the GoFundMe page here. No matter the size, every donation is a brick in the foundation of a renewed home and hope.

Beyond Drying During Water Damage Repair in Hicksville Properties

1/19/2024 (Permalink)

box truck from servpro at snowy site Neither snow nor sleet shall keep SERVPRO from mitigating water damage for our loyal Hcksville customers. Here To Help®

Additional Steps That Ensure Thorough Water Restoration

The hamlet and Census Designated Place of Hicksville, NY, is a transportation hub, with its train station being the busiest on the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) network. It offers several shopping and dining facilities like Kundan Galleria, Shaheen Plaza, The Rabbit’s Foot, Zaoq 100, and Chada Thai Bistro. The Hicksville Gregory Museum is one of the landmarks in the area. Events like the Hicksville Summer Street Festival and Community Parades on Memorial Day or Veterans Day provide a unique chance to interact.

You must promptly remedy the situation if you encounter water intrusion at your property. Most people assume water damage repair means drying Hicksville residences expeditiously, which is partly true. However, professionals from SERVPRO® also take other steps to ensure the property regains its preloss condition.

Other tasks that resolve water damage

  • Cleaning
  • Deodorizing
  • Inspecting utilities 

Water can come from different sources, including fresh supply pipes, waste disposal, appliances, and utilities such as air conditioning systems. These sources contain varying levels of chemicals and other substances, thus soiling any exposed materials. You should be prepared to clean your house after a water damage incident. Even clean water sources may necessitate cleaning since moisture triggers microbial growth, which, given time, taints materials.

Your property may not smell right or may develop pungent odors after water damage incidents. These develop from the combination of soils, contaminants, and microbial processes thriving in the wet environment. Preventive and restorative deodorization procedures are necessary to fight the smells. SERVPRO technicians use chemicals to neutralize odor molecules or other approaches, such as exposing odorous materials to ozone or hydroxyl radicals.

Apart from restoring sanitary conditions in your property, you must also check your utilities to ensure they are in a good working state. Electric outlets, recessed lighting, electric cables, and air ducts are usually affected by water exposure. Inspecting and draining the retained water helps prevent short circuits and corrosion.

SERVPRO of Hicksville / Plainview takes every step, including thorough drying, to facilitate water damage repair. Call (516) 733-1800.

SERVPRO Provides Fire Damage Cleanup and Restoration Services in Plainview

11/24/2023 (Permalink)

servpro box truck at house Our FSRT fire and smoke restoration team cleans up your fire damaged Plainview home "Like it never even happened." Here to Help®

Call SERVPRO® for Help with Fire Damage Repair in Plainview

Even smaller fires can cause a great deal of damage to homes or businesses in Plainview. If the fire does not cause significant damage, fire retardants and smoke residues drift throughout the structure. Smoke residues are carried by the HVAC system, as well as the air current generated by convection from the heat of the fire. Hot fires tend to create light, fluffy residues, while oily fires from kitchen cooking can produce a heavy, sticky, or oily residue.

SERVPRO® analyzes the fire damage in Plainview homes and applies the appropriate cleaning processes and agents to remove residues from hard surfaces and porous materials. We remove damaged structures, cabinets, and contents and arrange for disposal. Everything that can be cleaned is returned to its original condition "Like it never even happened." Even the HVAC system is spotlessly cleaned to avoid further contamination of your home.

Fires can severely damage the home's structure, and it may be unsafe to enter. Electrical wiring may be exposed and present a safety hazard. If you are unsure about your safety, only enter the home after a fire once our experts have evaluated the situation. Let them know if there are particular documents, unique items, or heirlooms that you wish to retrieve from your house.

If you must go into the home after a fire, follow these tips in addition to those mentioned:

  • Avoid touching walls and contents to prevent soot from embedding into porous materials
  • Wash the leaves of houseplants on both sides
  • Change the filters on your HVAC system
  • Securely place double layers of cheesecloth over air registers
  • Place clean towels in traffic areas to prevent driving the soot further into the carpets

Follow guidelines provided by our SERVPRO technicians. They follow industry procedures to ensure the best outcomes concerning fire damage cleanup, repair, and restoration.

Call SERVPRO of Hicksville / Plainview and nearby areas for fire damage cleanup and restoration assistance. SERVPRO is Faster to any size disaster™ 24/7. Call (516) 733-1800.

How Our Expert Mold Removal Team Can Protect Your Hicksville Home

10/19/2023 (Permalink)

mold growing in the corner of a room on the ceiling Cleaning up mold damage in your home is a tricky process. Call SERVPRO 24/7 for certified professionals and equipment to take care of the job.

Our Mold Removal Techs Are Experienced & Trained

Individuals who are untrained in mold removal can leave homeowners in Hicksville with active mold colonies or unprotected against future infestations. SERVPRO® invests in the extensive training and in-depth education of our technicians. We instruct them to ensure they become knowledgeable of how microbes destroy different materials and can remediate microbial overgrowth effectively.

While hiring the lowest-priced option might seem like the best way to save money for mold removal services in Hicksville, it's not a sound investment. Trained specialists know the nuances involved when handling a residence's microbial infestation.

Our remediation specialists understand these and other crucial points: 

  • Cleaning up moldy materials, 
  • Correcting excess humidity, and 
  • Applying protective antimicrobials that prevent future infestations. 

The mold infesting your home can exhibit different characteristics. Often, a patch of mold is powdery. Disturbing mold (cleaning, moving the item it is on, or bumping it) can cause significant portions of it or its spores to become dislodged. These particles can land on the floor or become airborne, eventually causing new infestations. We prevent all this by building and using special containment apparatus and placing materials to be removed inside doubled bags. We also use machinery equipped with HEPA filters, including vacuums and air scrubbing units.

Elevated moisture always has a cause, and our technicians can quickly locate its reason. It might be a dripping pipe joint, an appliance that has developed a leak, or an area in your residence's envelope that allows rain and other precipitation to seep inside. Ensuring that future moisture levels won't become beneficial for microbes makes their re-infestation less likely.

Applying a protective antimicrobial film to surfaces prone to succumbing to microbes prevents future issues. When we have eliminated excess mold and corrected the humidity in a home, having an environment that is less welcoming to mold can keep any new microbes from colonizing as easily. 

 A quick call to (516) 733-1800 puts you in touch with the mold experts at SERVPRO of Hicksville / Plainview.

Why Professional Move-outs Matter During Storm Water Removal in Hicksville

5/24/2023 (Permalink)

Water damage on wall Let SERVPRO fix it, Don’t stress it.

SERVPRO Performs Safe Move-outs During Storm Water Cleanup in Hicksville

Professional stormwater removal services are there to help property owners return their lives to normal after the disaster. You only want to know whether restoring your property and avoiding unnecessary additional damage is possible.

Before any stormwater damage cleanup activities can begin on your Hicksville property, our SERVPRO technicians must do a site inspection. The inspection helps us understand the damage clearly and establish appropriate restoration protocols. We know how destructive a storm can be, so we have to establish whether it is possible to restore the property while your items are in position or recommend a move-out.

Move-outs help our SERVPRO technicians to perform the following tasks:

  • Creates enough space for cleaning and drying procedures
  • Enhances safety by reducing chances of safety risks and hazards such as falls and slip
  • Creates room for necessary repairs and renovations after a stormwater damage incident.

There are several time and cost-saving strategies that our SERVPRO team employs during move-outs. For instance, if it is possible to clean your items at the site, we can do it to prevent the need to unpack at the warehouse - thus lowering the labor cost. But, if on-site cleaning is likely to delay storm water damage mitigation and lead to further damage, we must get our priorities right.

There are situations where partial move-outs might be the best solution. In such instances, we only move small items to a safe and unaffected location within your property, while some large items are left within the loss site for cleaning and restoration. We always ensure our clients are informed about all the water damage remediation procedures we conduct.

SERVPRO of Hicksville / Plainview is a premier water damage restoration and cleaning company dedicated to providing commercial and residential solutions. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster, and you can call (516) 733-1800) to get the help you need.

Principles of Initial Fire Damage Restoration in Hicksville Homes

4/25/2023 (Permalink)

 Room After Fire We aim to restore your property as quickly as possible, “Like It Never Even Happened.”

First Cleaning Actions of Fire Damage Restoration

From the time SERVPRO professionals arrive, we aim to return your home back to preloss condition. We carefully assess the damage and the necessary actions to achieve this goal, working with you to learn pre-existing conditions before proceeding with the earliest soot and smoke damage removal components.

Locating Smoke Residues 

Fire damage restoration for Hicksville homes starts with determining where this damage exists. Any missed smoke damage can destroy the residence and threaten its returning occupants. Next, we thoroughly assess conditions and choose the best cleaning methods. 

Different Types of Smoke Damage 

Choosing the approaches between chemical sponges, solvents, and other products involves the type of smoke damage present. Environmental factors or the conditions surrounding the fire impact the residues that remain:

  • Wet smoke
  • Dry smoke
  • Furnace puff back
  • Grease/protein residues

Capturing and Removing Residues 

Effective post-fire clean-up follows four main restoration principles balanced for the most efficient results:

  • Temperature - Temperature is a factor in effective cleaning because all chemical processes occur faster under heat. Warming areas where cleaning is happening helps the desired results appear more quickly. 
  • Agitation - Mechanical action also helps increase chemical reactions and the reach of cleaning agents. Sponges, brushes, steel wool, and other products can be practical tools in removing soot and helping clean-up happen faster. 
  • Chemical Action - The appropriate chemical reaction is vital to achieving how the soil is meant to behave to get removed most easily. Emulsification and dissolving are standard chemical actions for soot removal.
  • Time - Time refers to how long chemicals are in contact with the soil on the surface. Our team must carefully consider exposure times for soot removal success.

Cleaning up surfaces and contents after fire damage happens quickly after first responders clear the structure. Our fast response and experience as leading FSRT-Certified technicians make us a strong choice for post-fire recovery. Call SERVPRO of Hicksville / Plainview at (516) 733-1800.

Can I Clean Smoke Stained Walls after Fire Damage in my Town of Oyster Bay Home?

3/30/2023 (Permalink)

floor covered in soot damage After fire damage in your Nassau County home, our experts are able to help. Call SERVPRO; we are always available.

Professional Help is Preferable for the Town of Oyster Bay Fire Restoration

One of the most distressing parts about fire damage in your home is how unsightly your house might look after the blaze. It is hard to settle back into your home if you have soot-blackened walls and ceilings.

As well as blackening walls, fire damage in Nassau County homes also affects the air. The Environmental Protection Agency points out that burning materials release microscopic particles into the air. It is easy to see why it is better to clean up the sooty residue as soon as possible. But is it a wise idea to do the cleaning yourself? No. It is better to call SERVPRO first.

Why it is a Wise Idea to Call in the Professionals 

We understand that you want your home back to normal as quickly as possible. It is tempting to grab a bucket and sponge or some cleaning spray and start wiping down your walls immediately.

However, there are many benefits to calling our professional fire restoration technicians.

  • We train our technicians to Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) standards.
  • Our team can assess the marks on your walls and decide the best way to clean them.
  • We have access to industry-standard tools and products designed to deal with fire restoration.

If you use the wrong fire damage cleaning method, such as wet cleaning a wallpaper that is not suitable for this method, you could worsen the problem. There is a risk of stubborn stains that won’t come off or unsightly streaks.

SERVPRO teams know how to tackle soot-stained walls during fire restoration. We are available 24/7, and we aim to leave your home “Like it never even happened.” When you call, we will take details of your situation and call you back within the hour to let you know when to expect our team.

Why Does the Type of Wall Cover Matter?

Walls can have many types of covering: 

  • Wallpaper, both smooth and textured.
  • Wood paneling can be either finished or unfinished.
  • Metal or ceramic tiles.
  • Stippling or textured plaster or drywall. 

Some walls even have fabric, flocking, or carpet on them. 

The wall covering makes a difference in how easy it is to clean the surface and which cleaning method is most suitable. For example, it would not be good to use wet cleaning on a paper or fabric covering that would soak up the moisture. Abrasive techniques are fine for walls that are going to be repainted. However, because scrubbing can damage the surface, abrasive cleaning is not suitable for walls that will not be repainted.

SERVPRO technicians assess the cleanability of the wall and choose the most appropriate cleaning method. Dry sponge cleaning is often enough for light soiling on painted surfaces. More heavily soiled wood paneling might require wet cleaning. We can also use scrubbing and powerful HEPA vacuums to remove dry soot residue. Vacuum cleaning is usually the first choice to remove surface soot.

Whatever method we choose, we always test an inconspicuous corner to ensure the results are of the high standard you expect.

We also pay attention to the most effective order of cleaning. When dry cleaning, it is better to clean the ceiling first, if necessary, to avoid soot from the ceiling falling on freshly cleaned walls. However, when wet cleaning, it is better to clean the walls first. If we cleaned the ceiling first, cleaning fluid could drip onto the blackened walls and cause streaks. 

If your walls have smoke damage from a fire, trying to clean them yourself might make them look worse. It is better to call for help. Call SERVPRO of Hicksville / Plainview at (516) 733-1800, and we can assist you.

Can SERVPRO Save My Water Damaged Wooden Floors in Nassau County?

3/30/2023 (Permalink)

SERVPRO fans on the floor of a water damaged laundry room No matter the size of water damage restoration needed in your Nassau County home, SERVPRO IICRC-certified techs are ready at a moment's notice.

SERVPRO Technicians Tackle Water Restoration on Nassau County Floors

Wooden floors lend a touch of elegance to homes. However, water from a leaking pipe, a broken appliance, or bad weather can damage floors. Thankfully, SERVPRO technicians know how to tackle moisture damage on floors.

If your wooden floors in Hicksville have water damage, call SERVPRO as quickly as possible. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster, and we can dry out your floorboards and help prevent further damage.

How Does Water Affect Wooden Floors?

When boards get wet, they absorb moisture, which can cause:

  • Cupping: when the edges rise and form a cup.
  • Crowning: when the middle of the board rises to form a bump.
  • Buckling: when warped boards push against each other and buckle at the joints.

What is a Drying Goal, and Why Does it Matter?

If your floor gets wet, of course, you want it to be dry. But what exactly is dry? It might surprise you to know that dry is not a straightforward concept. What we consider dry here in the Town of Oyster Bay might be different than if we were in a more humid state.

Our technicians set a drying goal to know when the floor is as dry as it should be. We start by establishing a drying standard. The drying standard is the moisture reading we expect from a floor without moisture damage. We aim to dry the wet floor to that standard, typically about 8-11% of total moisture content.

Establishing a goal first makes for more effective water damage restoration because:

  • We are working with exact figures, and there is no guesswork.
  • We can see how well we are progressing toward our goal.
  • We know when we reach our goal and complete the job.

We measure dryness by the amount of moisture in a material. For wood, we measure dryness as a percentage.  

Why Do We Measure Humidity? 

We train our technicians to Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) standards. That includes the S500 Standard for Professional Water Damage Restoration. The S500 covers many aspects of restoration, including psychrometry and drying technology. Psychrometry sounds complicated, but it is just the science of how air, humidity, and temperature affect materials. A critical measurement for any drying process is humidity. 

Humidity means the amount of water vapor in the air. When drying water-damaged floors, humidity is a key indicator of how close we are to our drying goal. Our teams measure two kinds of humidity: Relative and specific. 

Relative humidity (RH) means the amount of moisture in the air at a given temperature. We are looking for a relative humidity of less than 50% for drying purposes. Our technicians use thermo-hygrometers to measure relative humidity. 

However, temperature significantly affects relative humidity. Warm air can hold more moisture than cold before it becomes saturated. Our team also measures specific humidity (SH), which tells us the amount of water vapor in the air as a ratio to total air, regardless of temperature. We plot the relative humidity readings and plot them on a psychrometric chart to determine the specific moisture levels. This process enables us to strategically position air movers and dehumidifiers to optimize water evaporation from wet surfaces.

How Can SERVPRO Dry my Floors?

We start by removing carpets or rugs on top of the floor. We also use extractors to remove surface water.

Our team uses their calculations to set up air movers, fans, and dehumidifiers. These tools help reduce the amount of humidity and encourage water evaporation from the surface of boards. We aim to restore your floors “Like it never even happened.”

As well as drying the floor, we can also sand it after it is dry to remove minor irregularities and refinish it if necessary.

If you have water damaged wooden floors, assemblies, or contents, do not delay. Call SERVPRO of Hicksville / Plainview at (516) 733-1800 for assistance.